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10:00 PM - 31 OCt

3387 Haul Road, Saint Paul - MN - 55102

$15 for all ages

Ideas In the party

If spooky isn’t your desired vibe, then don’t worry. We have all the Halloween party ideas here for you to throw your spookiest soirée ever—no matter how ~intensely spooky~ you want your bash to be. We’ve got it all covered, from creepy cocktails to themed karaoke, and even the occasional fog machine or two.

  • Make Fake Flower Boquets

  • Get Comfy With Decorative Pillows

  • Hand out Halloween Koozies

  • Serve Your Drinks in Props

Night Entry

Parents Included
$ 32
  • 2 Pre-selected Drinks
  • Kids costume
  • Party Buffet
  • 3 Event Lottery Tickets